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Capabilities statement

Negotiation Consultant



Tandem Insourcing LLC is a group of international consultants and trainers with 20 years of worldwide experience (two years in the US). We help our clients to create value through structured collaboration processes. We are trilingual experts in a vast array of interactions between people, areas of an organization, businesses, agencies, communities, states, and countries, involving all mapped stakeholders. In summary, we avoid destroying value and foster trust and long-term relationships based on collaborative negotiations. Our major tools as advisors and coaches are Negotiation (in all realms), Conflict resolution, Authentic Communication, Team building, Personality and Emotional intelligence, plus Conscious Leadership, and Decision-making. We are based in Atlanta with associates in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, and Germany.



  • Negotiation: preparation and advising

  • International negotiations

  • Large group and multilateral negotiations

  • Negotiations with communities

  • Labor negotiations

  • Procurement negotiations

  • Government negotiations

  • International negotiations

  • Conflict resolution and mediation

  • Individual coaching and emotional intelligence

  • Team coaching

  • Mentoring

Trainings in (under the umbrella of emotional intelligence): 

  • Win-win and win-lose negotiations: initial, intermediate, and advanced workshops.

  • Specialized negotiations: internal, business to business, procurement, labor, communities, multicultural, multilateral, international.

  • Team building

  • Conscious leadership

  • Leadership through music

  • Authentic communication.


2338 Asbury Square / Atlanta 30346

DUNS #: 000000000

CAGE #: 000000000

NAICS (code) commonly supported:  000000, 000000, 000000, 000000, 000000, 000000, 000000, 000000,


We are a group of consultants and trainers, experts in soft and hard skills, all vital to the sustainability of organizations and their relationships. We have a vast intercultural experience through processes worldwide. As lecturers, we are knowledgeable of the state-of-the art in our competencies. We deliver in English, Spanish, French, and German.


Our work relies on a perspective that combines organizational and human sciences to get solid and visible results throughout the organization's system. Our advising and trainings are based in the best practices of negotiation with a humanistic approach: psychology, communication, and anthropology. We are also lecturers in universities around the world (Canada, Japan, Colombia, France) and multinational advisors with rich perspectives of organizations’ challenges in many sectors of the economy.

Mr. Agudelo, a permanent resident in the US, is our CEO, and most senior advisor who gives direction to our consulting style. He has a remarkable track record in negotiations, sales, team building and conflict resolution. As a former manager, he also understands the dynamics of leadership and teamwork. With a solid reputation built on a history of positive win-win outcomes, Mr. Agudelo brings over 20 years of consulting and teaching experience. He has advised oil and mining industries, pharmaceuticals, automotive, retail, and financial institutions, among others. He played a pivotal role in the ground-breaking Free Trade Agreement between the USA and Colombia, where an astounding 85% of Colombia's interests fulfilled. He recently helped solve a conflict with the government of Guatemala over a 600-million-dollar contract. He holds a master’s degree in Anthropology (U. Complutense de Madrid, Spain); BFA, School of Visual Arts, NYC; Gestalt therapist diploma (psychology). Certificates in Advanced Negotiation (Michigan University) (Harvard Negotiation Institute); Negotiating Labour Agreement Seminar, (Institute for Work -MIT – Harvard- U. of Illinois); Coaching with the Enneagram (The Enneagram in Business); Team and Executive coaching (Coachsi, Spain). He speaks English, Spanish and French.

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