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Bees in ancient cultures

A collection draws from bees' spiritual importance in  ancient cultures, symbolizing renewal, fertility, and diligence. It highlights the human-bee connection with exquisite jewelry that embodies their spiritual essence in a contemporary fashion, suitable for any event.

Lisa Rose

Egyptian Symbolism

In ancient Egypt, the bee was a symbol of royalty and power. The bee was associated with the Pharaoh and the Lower Egyptian kingdom. The bee was also linked to the sun god Ra and was believed to be born from the tears of Ra. The honeybee was admired for its industrious nature, and honey was used in various rituals and medicines.

Tess Brown

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, bees, especially honeybees, were associated with the nymphs and certain goddesses like Artemis and Demeter. The bee was a symbol of fertility and was linked to the Eleusinian Mysteries, sacred rites dedicated to Demeter and Persephone. The priestesses of Artemis were often referred to as "bees," and the god Apollo was sometimes called "Bee-man."

Lisa Rose


In Hinduism, bees have various symbolic meanings. The bee is often associated with the love god Kamadeva, as he uses arrows tipped with bees or flowers to incite desire. The humming of bees is also used in Vedic scriptures to describe the resonance and vibrations of the universe. Moreover, honey (Madhu) has sacred significance and is used in various rituals.

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Tess Brown


In Artemis we have our most renowned bee patroness. As the goddess of nature and the hunt, forests, hills, rocks and rivers, she oversaw the home territory of wild bees. A particularly fascinating part of her history is her temple community, in Ionia, at Ephesus, today’s Turkey. Some believe it was a matriarchal community of beekeeping priestesses that worshiped Artemis. In her Ephesus form, she’s depicted covered in breast or egg-like carvings, that for a beekeeper, can only resemble the cells queen bees are born from in the hive. At her feet are two Omphalos stones.

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